What we offer

Facility service in the southeast tailored to your specific needs.

Sanico’s Facility Service division offers a full range of floor mats, dust mops, wet mops, hygiene, restroom services, linen services, and uniform services to Mississippi and Alabama businesses. At Sanico, trained professionals take care of your company’s facility service, leaving you free to focus on your customers, sales and growth without worry.

We are a locally owned business serving our community since 1988. With years of experience servicing the local business community, we’ve built an unmatched record for reliability, flexibility and expertise. In addition to our high material and service standards, we also offer very competitive pricing compared to the industry standard.


Sanico offers affordable and reliable uniform rental. Our garments are high-quality, pleasant to wear, and highly customizable. Our dedicated team works to ensure accurate representation of your company’s brand in every use.

Step 1

Request a quote

Easily request a quote by calling us at (800) 347-4308 or by clicking the link below.

Step 2

Meet with our sales professional

Our sales professional will meet with you to determine the needs of your business.

Step 3

Hassle-free installation

We will start your service after our “world class” installation of the products and services requested.


  • Fresh, clean, quality products delivered each service visit
  • Professional-grade, modern service with timeless values
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Timely delivery
  • Trustworthy, straightforward billing


Fair Pricing
We strive to be fair with our pricing while ensuring our high-quality products.
Fast Response
We are committed to a fast response time for special requests or issues that may occur.
Open to Feedback
We are always open to feedback provided by our customers to improve our overall satisfaction.

Service Area

Sanico Mats provide professional mats, restroom services, and restaurant supplies to the Southeast United States. We are ready to help your business with experience, reliability, quality materials and great service. Let’s create a lifelong partnership.
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“It’s amazing the difference working with a local company like Sanico v.s. national company. With Sanico, we feel like family, not just another customer with the million others.”

Ryan Thompson

“Our route service rep is super nice and helpful! We can always count on him to deliver.”

Jesse Apple Balm

“We’ve worked with Sanico for years and they consistently deliver the products we need, in the right quantities, at the right time.”

Matt Roque