Work Uniforms

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Work uniforms don’t make your service, but they do define the brand. Make sure you have the right uniforms for your business by getting them from an experienced provider like Sanico.

Sanico is the uniform service company that provides choice and value with every delivery.

Uniforms For Every Industry

From high-quality garments to excellent uniform customization services, Sanico provides:


Bring out the best looks for your brand with the right work uniform selections.

Work Shirts
A job done right looks better done in the perfect work shirt. Sanico can find the true colors of your business with 21 colors to choose from. Our shirt selections feature state-of-the-art soil release technology, a professional finish, and superior color retention. These work shirts can withstand the challenges of the job and the intense laundering they require.

Work Pants
Our standard work pants feature high-quality, sleek construction and superior durability. More importantly, they are designed with the wearer in mind. As a result, they promote ease of movement and overall comfort, so even the busiest of days, your employees remain comfortable and ready.


Sanico gives you the best option for your custom workwear. We use topnotch custom technology to help bring out the best about your brand in every uniform. Aside from superior customization, our custom polos feature:

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Antibacterial capacities
  • UV protection
  • Matching flat knit collar
  • Heat seal label
  • Available in sizes XS to 5XL

Putting Your Brand Front and Center

It’s the choices you make that differentiate your brand. When it comes to finding the look that best represents it, trust Sanico.
We supply wearer-friendly, high-quality garments, and customization technology to ensure your image is captured and displayed appropriately.

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