Sanico has some of the best towel selections and always-reliable towel services. For confidence and variety in your towel service, Sanico towel services has what you need.

Commercial Towel Services

We offer a wide range of towels that are ideal for commercial use:


Professional bar towels are your best tool for all your restaurant’s cleaning needs. These multifunctional towels are designed to clean tables and bar counters as easily and as effectively as they do your pots and pans.


No professional kitchen can go without the multitool of towels – and Sanico has the best of them. Our kitchen towel supply service offers only kitchen towels that meet the highest standards for quality, durability, and functionality.


Supercharge your staff’s cleaning efforts with microfiber towels! Microfiber’s superior cleaning qualities are a result of electrostatic forces that capture and hold dirt and grime. Get heavy-duty microfiber towels here.


Your toughest cleaning challenges deserve nothing short of the toughest cleaning tools. Sanico’s grill pads have all the cleaning power you need to tackle charred bits and greasy remnants on your grills, racks, stove tops, etc.


Spoil your clients one high-quality towel at a time. Our Sanico massage/spa towels are soft, thick, and comfortable and suitable for businesses looking to give each client an unforgettable, VIP treatment.


The right bath towels can transform a simple hotel stay into a true indulgence. Soft, absorbent, and built for everything, Sanico’s bath towels are what you need for comfort or assistance.

Sanico: The Right Way to Do Towel Services

Sanico knows the transformative powers of the right towel service. Even the simplest towels can make a massive impact on your operations, your efficiency, and your guests’ service experience. That is why you need a reliable expert like Sanico to guarantee not only the right quality of towels, but more importantly, to guarantee the consistent, stable delivery of your business’ towel supplies.

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